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Sell Services at the Speed of SaaS

Make selling services easy by using the only end-to-end Services CPQ platform to standardize your services and streamline the sales workflow. Sell more, scale faster, and reduce churn with WorkRails.

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Accelerate Your Services Revenue in 3 Steps

WorkRails transforms the way SaaS companies sell professional, managed, and educational services —reducing the entire CPQ process from weeks to minutes—through the power of automation. Here’s how.


Create a guided discovery model that assesses customer needs in just a few clicks, expediting the service selling process and elevating the customer experience.


Take an eCommerce approach to selling services. Our services CPQ workflows allow you to sell and deliver services in a fraction of the time, with guardrails in place to ensure accuracy with every engagement.


WorkRails fits seamlessly into your existing tech stack to ensure that the right information gets to the right person, at the right time. Get to final approval faster and execute more profitable service engagements.

The automation that WorkRails added to our Services Sales process allows us to generate accurate and visually pleasing custom SOWs with a few clicks and instantly create Opps, Orders, and Staffing, resulting in huge time savings for our team.


Krisztián Csobályka

R&D Post-Implementation Services Manager


WorkRails has helped us optimize how we interact with our customers. We have not only reduced the time it takes to get from customer request to signature, but we have also reclaimed valuable time once spent on manual processes. We can now devote that time to what counts—improving customer engagement and experience.


Bill Porter

Director of Professional Services


This is a dream tool for me.


Chuck Welti

Director - Global Delivery Methodology & Assurance (Services, RPA)


Looking for CPQ For Services? Start Thinking Bigger.

Selling services is hard—but with 10-30% of your company’s revenue riding on it, getting it wrong isn’t an option. Here’s how WorkRails helps SaaS companies increase adoption and reduce churn.

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Scale Your Services

Implementing a Services CPQ like WorkRails isn’t just a faster way to offer services—with WorkRails, you can create your own custom CPQ system that simplifies the service selling workflow so it’s effortless to scale.

Build Trust Between Departments

Break down silos between your sales and PS teams and start building connections instead. WorkRails lets each department bring their expertise to the table, so everyone can enjoy the sweet taste of success.

Streamline Your Selling Process

Build a system that makes it so easy to catalog and sell your entire suite of service offerings, anyone on your team can do it. And with guardrails to ensure accuracy, even customers can access service quotes.

Bolster Downstream Engagements

Proper scoping leads to better customer engagements. WorkRails allows you to scope service engagements quickly and accurately for faster, more efficient planning—reducing downstream risk and creep.

Here’s How WorkRails Can Help Your and Your Team

WorkRails helps team members across your entire organization increase revenue and improve product adoption for new and existing customers.

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WorkRails helps...

Sales Teams

Scope and sell services quickly and painlessly.


WorkRails helps...

CS Teams

Enable customer success and deliver more value.


WorkRails helps...

Services Teams

Streamline and scale the service selling process.


WorkRails helps...

Executive Teams

Increase revenue and reduce churn.


WorkRails helps...

Ops Teams

Deploy and maintain a secure solution quickly and easily

WorkRails Works With Your Tech Stack

Whatever you're using in your workflow (CPQs, CRMs, PSAs, ERPs, all of the acronyms) we integrate with it. Connect WorkRails to all your favorite (and not-so-favorite) apps.

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